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Of the approximately 1.4 billion tourists worldwide who travelled internationally in 2018, around 713 million – more than half – came to Europe. In 2017, the tourism revenue in Europe already amounted to over €460 billion. To benefit from this potential, you as a retailer need to expand your card acceptance. Discover® Global Network cards give you access to over 150 million cardholders* from all over the world, allowing you to maximise your sales.

Give your customers the option of paying with Discover Global Network cards now. One click is all it takes: Just choose Diners Club International as a payment method in the configurator.

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Here is a quick overview of your benefits with
Discover Global Network cards:

More sales

from potentially 150 million new customers

Customers from all over the world

thanks to partner cards from South Korea, India, Brazil and Turkey

Competitive fees

nationally and within EU-regulated countries

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Target 150 million global Discover Global Network cardholders
Tourists in Germany by country
Countries with the largest international tourism expenditure 2016–2018 (in billion USD) (Source: UNWTO)

* Source: Discover Global Network participant reporting and RBR – Global Cards Data and Forecasts to 2023, Oct 2018

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