How do I install the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS App?

You can download the free Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS App from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

App Store:


Google Play Store:


How do I launch the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS App?

Once you have installed the app, you can launch it by touching the icon. You can log in with your Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS email address and password. Our tip: If you press ‘Remember XXXX (User ID)’, you will be able to log into the app in future simply by entering your password.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password within the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS App by pressing ‘Account’ in the menu and then ‘Change Password’. Once you have successfully changed your password, you will have to log in again with your new password. If you are using multiple end devices with Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS, the new password will immediately apply to all other devices once you change it. Note: For security reasons, we recommend that you change your password on a regular basis.

I want to log into the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS App but I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

Press ‘I have forgotten my password’ on the home page of the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS App; you will then be prompted to enter your email address. You will then receive an email containing a link to a secure website where you can set a new password. You will then immediately be able to use the new password for your Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS account.

Can I create an inventory of goods in the app?

Yes you can. To create a new article, enter the name, tax rate, individual price and a product identifier (e.g. article category or number) and add a photo. If the customer wants to purchase that article, you can activate the camera and scan the barcode of the article by pressing the barcode button in the top right of the sales view in the app. The name and price of the article will then appear in the basket and the customer can proceed to payment.

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

You can log on to multiple devices associated with your account (user ID and password). All transactions are then traced to that account regardless of the device used.

How do I establish a permanent Bluetooth connection?

To establish a permanent connection, please select ‘Settings’ on your menu, select your personal card reader and confirm the operation by tapping the ‘Done’ button.

There is no Bluetooth connection. What can I do?

Please follow the instructions for the Bluetooth connection as explained in the step-by-step guide. If the connection fails to activate, please delete the saved connection from your smartphone or tablet and rerun the initial connection set-up. If still no connection can be established, please perform a reset of the card reader

How is my card reader supplied with power?

Your card reader (SPM2) has an integrated rechargeable lithium polymer battery. You will need to fully charge the battery before first use; please use the included USB power cable to do so. This cable will enable you to recharge the card reader at power sockets, desktop PCs, laptops, and car outlets. The beginning of the charging process will be indicated by the battery charging LED lighting up red. When charging is completed, the LED will turn green. Please note that it can take up to six hours for the battery to be fully charged.