What is Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS?

You can use the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS app to quickly and easily process card payments with your smartphone or tablet.

How does Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS work?

Connect the card reader to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and either enter the customer’s card into the reader – as you would do at any other terminal – or swipe the card through the slit. The customer will then be prompted to enter their PIN or provide their signature in order to authorise the payment. As soon as the transaction is complete, you can send the invoice to your customer if necessary.

Who can use Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS?

Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS is ideal for all retailers who want to sell products in their shop or on the move and who are looking for a cheap, secure alternative to stationary checkout terminals.

What goods and services can I charge for with Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS?

You can use Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS to charge for any goods and services that you can immediately provide. This means that you cannot charge for products which you have to deliver.

What do I need for the card payment?

You only need a smartphone or tablet, an Internet connection, the app and your mobile card reader.

How secure is Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS?

With Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS, your customers can pay electronically and enjoy the same security standards as conventional card payments at traditional checkout terminals. Wirecard adheres to and meets all generally accepted regulations and standards which apply to card transactions. The app was developed and card payments are processed in line with the highest available security and encryption standards. As soon as the customer connects their card to the card reader, all data is encrypted by means of end-to-end encryption and the entire process is certified under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). In this context, neither the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS App nor the card reader stores confidential information on the smartphone or tablet.

Where can I accept payments?

You can accept payments anywhere. To successfully use Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS, all you require is a Wi-Fi or mobile network connection as a security check has to be carried out.

Do I need an Internet connection to use Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS?

Yes, you require a Wi-Fi or mobile network connection in order for Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS to carry out a security check during the transaction. The time taken by the check can vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

How much does Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS cost?

The costs will be displayed in our configurator once you have selected Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS. In addition, you can view the conditions on your dashboard.

Which devices are supported by Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS?

Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS supports Android smartphones from version 4.0.3 onwards and the following Apple devices and versions: iOS 7.1.2 and later versions; iPhone 4s and later versions; iPad, iPod.

Can I also work with multiple card readers?

Of course. In particular, it is ideal to use multiple card readers if multiple employees are taking payments with various end devices and the payments are to be made to the same business account. Please note that only one authorised signatory or co-owner of the company can be specified during the registration process. If you need an additional card reader, please contact our support team.

Is there a monthly minimum level of sales or a minimum contractual term?

No, there are no regular fixed costs, you do not have to reach a minimum sales target and there is no minimum contractual term.

What happens to my personal data?

Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS collects data exclusively in accordance with the statutory requirements. This data is never disclosed to third parties without being asked for, with the exception of official orders.

Is customer data disclosed?

Customer data is never disclosed without being asked for. If financial partners require data, as little data as possible will be passed on to them exclusively for the purposes of transaction-related processes.

What do I need to be aware of when maintaining and storing the card reader?

It is best to use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the card reader. To prevent liquid from getting into the card reader (e.g. through the card slot), never spray cleaning agents directly onto the card reader and do not use any solvents. Ideally, always store the card reader in a cool, dry place (at a temperature of no more than 25°C) and do not expose it to direct sunlight. Avoid physical impacts to the card reader.