How do card payments work with Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS?

Card payments with Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS are extremely simple and involve three steps:

1. Enter the payment amount (with an optional description)
Select ‘New Payment’ in the menu and enter the amount. Select the applicable tax rate. Then click on ‘Basket’ to see the articles in the payment overview. Press ‘Quantity’ to use the +/– buttons to change the standard quantity. The total amount will be updated accordingly. Note: If you add an optional description, it will appear on the receipt and in the transaction details for informational purposes. Please note that the minimum amount is €1. With regard to variable VAT rates, you can set the tax rate for each individual article (7% or 19%).

2. Pair the card reader with the smartphone or tablet, and insert or swipe the card
After pressing ‘Pay’, you will be prompted to pair the card reader with your smartphone or tablet and have a valid card ready. Connect the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS card reader to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Insert a valid card into the card reader (if it is a debit card) or swipe it through the slit on the card reader (if it is a credit card).

3. The customer confirms the payment by entering their PIN or providing their signature on the display
After the card has been read, a signature box will appear on the screen where the customer can provide their signature (if it is a debit card) or the customer will be prompted to enter their PIN (if it is a credit card). A stylus or simply a finger can be used to provide the signature. By entering their PIN or providing their signature, the customer is authorising the payment. Once the signature or PIN has been entered, complete the payment by clicking on ‘Pay’; you will then see an overview of the payment details. You can then send the customer the payment confirmation by email (please enter the email address) with the ‘Send Details by Email’ function. Note: The payment confirmation contains all relevant payment details. For the purposes of data security, the data of the end customer (e.g. their account number) will be encrypted. Our tip: Test the payment process yourself before using it with a customer.

Which cards does Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS accept?

The Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS card reader accepts national and international debit cards (Maestro, V PAY) and all common credit cards (Mastercard, Visa).

Can I also accept cash payments with Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS?

Yes you can. Here’s how: Enter the payment amount, select the applicable tax rate and enter an optional description. Press the ‘Pay’ button and then select the option ‘Cash Payment’.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts that I can accept?

You can accept any payment of more than €1 with Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS. There is no maximum amount or limit. The advantage of this is that you can accept higher amounts without having to split an invoice.

Where can I view previous transactions?

In the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS App, click on ‘Payment Overview’ in the menu and then on ‘Previous Transactions’ to view your transactions as well as their statuses and details.

Can I send or print receipts?

It is easy to send your customer a receipt by email or print it out using a (mobile or desktop) printer. Email receipts are optional and can be sent from within the app by entering the customer’s email address at the end of the payment process. Receipts can also be printed on a standard printer.

How do I get my statement?

Wirecard will email you a detailed statement every week. This statement contains all disbursements, refunds and chargebacks of payable fees and expenses. Please check the statement as soon as possible and, if you have any complaints, contact our service team immediately. If the Wirecard statement contains a payable negative balance, please settle the balance as soon as you receive the statement. If Wirecard is authorised to collect the amount or debit it through the SEPA system, the amount will be debited from your account. In this context please also refer to our general terms and conditions.

What security issues do I need to keep in mind for the payment?

We recommend that you always carry out a series of additional checks yourself when accepting card payments:

  • Check that the name on the card matches the one on the cardholder’s identification
  • Check that the cardholder has signed the card
  • Check that the cardholder’s signature on the display matches the one on the back of the card
  • Check the expiry date of the card
  • Does the card show any signs of manipulation

If you have any doubts as to at least two of these points, you always should refuse to accept the card.

What information is used to process transactions?

Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS collects payment-related information solely to ensure that all transactions are processed quickly, securely and correctly. Relevant data is anonymised and encrypted before it is stored.

How can I carry out a test transaction?

Take the same steps as you would for a real transaction and, in the final transaction stage, press ‘Cancel’ instead of ‘Pay’.

Do receipts from Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS replace an invoice?

The receipts that you can send to customers through Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS are only a confirmation of payment. They cannot be used as a replacement for invoices which conform to the standards set out by the German tax office.

Overview by email with your weekly statement.

Can I cancel a payment or reimburse an amount?

Yes, you can cancel any transaction within the Wirecard Checkout Portal ePOS app.

What is the deadline for cancelling a payment?

Payments can be cancelled by midday (12:00 CET) on the same working day. If the payment was accepted after midday, the transaction can be cancelled by midday (CET) on the following working day. Example 1: The payment was accepted at 10:00 on Tuesday. The transaction can be cancelled by midday on the same day (Tuesday in this case). Example 2: The payment was accepted at 15:00 on Tuesday. The transaction can be cancelled by midday on the following day (Wednesday in this case). Naturally, you can cancel payments free of charge. Note: If the deadline for cancelling a payment has already expired, you can still refund the payment amount to your customer out of goodwill or when reversing a purchase. Likewise, you can initiate this process from within the app. Please note that in this case, the transaction fees cannot be refunded.

The transaction is taking a long time. What might be the cause?

The duration of the transaction can vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

The card is not being accepted. What might be the cause?

The card failed the security check and is therefore not being accepted.

Transactions are being rejected. What might be the cause?

If transactions are being rejected, this is usually because no suitable Internet connection is available. Please check the Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet. Check that the following criteria are being met: the card is valid. You have downloaded every available update and are using the latest version of the app. If these criteria are being met and the card still cannot be read, the magnetic strip on the card might be scratched or dirty. Please check the magnetic strip on the card. Try to remove as much dirt as possible. If it is scratched or otherwise damaged, the card will be unusable as the magnetic strip cannot be read. If the magnetic strip is intact and the card still cannot be read, please contact our support team.