Invoicing and Payment

Where can I view my transactions?

You can access and process your transactions in the back-end portal we provide. All payment transactions are checked in real time and are available immediately. You can access our back-end portal via the ‘TRANSACTION SEARCH’ button in your retailer account. You will receive your login details in a separate email shortly after activation.

How does invoicing work?

We will provide a separate invoice for each payment method and currency.

For example, if you have integrated Mastercard/Visa and Online Bank Transfer. (Klarna) in your shop, you will receive an invoice for Mastercard/Visa and an additional invoice for your sales with Online Bank Transfer. Please note that the individual transactions are not listed on the invoice. These are included in the back-end portal provided.

When is the payment made?

In the case of weekly payment, invoicing and payment are processed during the week after the one in which the sales were generated.

If monthly payment has been agreed, invoicing and payment are carried out during the first week of the following month.

A payment overview (balance note) is also provided. The payment overview is sent out to you once three payments have been made in one month, regardless of whether the payment rate is set up as weekly or monthly.

What is involved with discounts and transaction fees?

A discount is a percentage fee calculated only for a successful transaction on the completed sale. The transaction fee is collected by the payment service provider (technical service provider) and is calculated for each transaction carried out, both successful and unsuccessful.

You can find an overview of the fees in the configuration tool and also in your retailer account.

What is the reserve and how is this paid out?

After each credit card or SEPA transaction, a security deposit of 5% on credit card, and 10% on SEPA, will be retained. As the retailer, this is paid to you in full after 180 days (credit card) or 90 days (SEPA). With our optional no-reserve service, this retainer is reduced to 0%. Please note that, due to the increased risk for us, the payment rate is changed to monthly and your fees are updated accordingly.