What is the Checkout Portal by Wirecard POS?

In cooperation with our subsidiary company Wirecard Retail GmbH, Checkout Portal by Wirecard offers tailored solutions for debit card terminals for merchants with physical shops. Benefit from particularly attractive terms, adapted to your industry and your specific needs. Fixed terminals with a checkout connection, portable devices with and without a fixed checkout connection for outdoor use, and mobile terminals for on the go.

Why do I have to pay an authorisation fee in the case of PIN payments?

The German Banking Industry Committee calculates authorisation charges for payments made via the electronic cash procedure, i.e. for transactions made via debit card and PIN entry. During the authorisation process, checks are carried out to establish whether the card is valid and whether the card limit is sufficient for the proposed transaction. Following the authorisation process, you get a payment guarantee as a merchant and there is no risk of default.

What is the difference between the debit card payment process (PIN) and electronic direct debit payments?

In the case of PIN payments, you enjoy payment security. Payments via electronic direct debit, whereby the customer authorises the merchant to collect the money by providing their signature on the back of the receipt, are not subject to a payment guarantee, as no credit check is carried out against the cardholder’s account.

For your security, all terminals are supplied with the setting ‘EC cash from €0.00’ as standard.

If you wish to receive payments via electronic direct debit, please let us know.

What happens if my shop is sold or taken over?

Upon presentation of deregistration we shall give you the opportunity to terminate your contract at the end of the month with a notice period of three months. Please consult our sales team about a “special right of termination”. If your contract is taken over by a possible successor, we shall also terminate your contract prematurely.

What do I need to bear in mind regarding my bank/account?

In order to receive debit card payments in your account, you need a written agreement for processing of cashless transactions with your bank (data transmission agreement – DTA). This enables the technical network operator to submit the debit card revenue and thus credit your account. The money is then transferred directly from the customer’s account to your corporate account in a single step. You pay postal charges per transfer to your bank for this (direct clearing).

Alternatively, we also offer central clearing. Central clearing is the simple, cost-saving solution for crediting of debit cards to your account. The individual postings on closure of the terminal are grouped together and credited as a total amount. Our sales team will contact you about this once you submit the terminal request and will provide you with comprehensive support.

How do I receive remuneration for my electronic cash/debit card sales?

You can choose whether you want to receive credit from your girocard sales via direct clearing from your bank. You need a corresponding agreement for this (see question 5).

Alternatively, we also offer central clearing. Our sales team will contact you about this once you submit the terminal request and will provide you with comprehensive support. To enable the terminal to pass on the transaction data, you need to close off the terminal on a regular basis (at least every seven days). All terminals are configured with direct clearing as standard.

What is included in the monthly price?

Our monthly price includes rental of the debit card terminal as well as fixed service fees, technical network operation and 24/7 hotline. Deposit maintenance is also included. In the case of a problem which cannot be solved by means of remote maintenance via our hotline, you will receive a replacement device in the case of a warranty claim.

What additional costs do I incur?

There is a one-off, fixed fee of €19 for setup and dispatch of your terminal.

You also pay an authorisation charge of 0.2% of the sales amount (VAT free) for use of the PIN-based debit card payment process from the German Banking Industry Committee, plus a service charge of 0.1c per transaction (subject to VAT).

I’d like a personal consultation. Who can I contact?

We offer support for all standard and innovative payment methods at your POS as well as for the necessary hardware: