How can I prevent fraud?

Some end customers may occasionally attempt to commit fraud, so it is advisable to always maintain an overview of all your transactions. You should also watch out for any irregularities in orders. Check your transactions every day in the back-end portal we have provided.

If you would like more information about fraud prevention, please contact our customer support.

What services does the Wirecard Checkout Portal offer to minimise fraud?

Our fraud detection software (Wirecard Fraud Prevention Suite) makes online payments more secure than ever. We always include this fraud detection software in what we offer you. You can obtain our premium version for a small surcharge. This monitors additional parameters and ensures greater security in your online shop.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a security standard developed by Visa and MasterCard for authenticating card payments on the Internet.

Our authentication process helps to effectively minimise fraud risk in credit card payments. For example, the end customer is prompted to enter a password or a 3D pin during the payment process in the online shop. If you would like to offer your payment methods without the 3D Secure option, please select this service in our configuration tool. Please note that you will have lower fraud protection without 3D Secure.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a reverse booking by the cardholder. This is a procedure where the cardholder lodges an objection with their bank. The chargeback amount is then also charged to the retailer in addition to a fee. This scenario typically occurs when the cardholder does not agree with the debit transaction for various reasons. As a retailer, you have the option to object to this chargeback under certain circumstances. If you are affected by a chargeback, please contact us at support.en@checkoutportal.com.

To minimise damage, it is recommended to monitor transactions and chargebacks every day in our back-end portal.