Purchase on account is a very common payment method in Germany. To provide security for you as a merchant, we offer you the purchase on account with guaranteed payment. This implies a 100 % payment guaranty and no chargebacks, as well as an increase in liquidity. We assume your receivables and therefore the risk of non-payment as well. Please bear in mind that a separate merchant contract needs to be signed and certain requirements need to be fulfilled if you choose this payment. You will receive further information as well as the contract documents during the later setup process. This payment type is only available for merchants whose registered office is in Germany.

  • 100 % payment guaranty.
  • most popular payment method with German buyers
  • we assume the collection management

Online Bank Transfer. covers nearly all requested online bank accounts in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. Customers can effect transfers while placing the order and goods can be dispatched with real time confirmation.

  • Faster cash flow.
  • Higher liquidity.
  • Maximum sales increase.

Open up your online shop to 2.5 million online banking customers. eps is one of the most popular online payment methods in Austria. After selecting their bank, customers are directly forwarded to their online bank account. Retailers receive an authorisation report with payment guarantee in real time.

  • Easy and secure.
  • Fast receipt of money.
  • No default risk.

iDEAL is currently used by around 12.5 million consumers and saves them from time-consuming, potentially erroneous completion of online transfers. he authorisation report occurs in real time so that the dispatch of goods can be processed quickly and securely. Also, this applies particularly for customers who don’t have a credit card.

  • Very customer friendly.
  • Up to date security standards.
  • Immediate goods dispatch.

PayPal is the most widely used payment process on the internet and works with any bank account or online bank account, with or without a credit card. Furthermore, you’re always on the safe side when it comes to chargebacks, account shortfalls, account misuse, negative booking operations and any unjustified customer complaints. Wirecard handles the routing for all your payments and the payouts are performed by Paypal directly.

  • Self explanatory payment process.
  • Huge customer potential.
  • Secure seller protection.

P24 (Przelewy24) is the favoured payment solution for the Polish market and works very easily and securely with bank account and TAN payments. The real time confirmation is your guarantee of the completed transaction. Over 30 Polish banks and over 80% of online buyers in Poland already use P24 and are highly satisfied.

  • No default risk.
  • Immediate dispatch.
  • Cost-effective.


Bancontact/Mister Cash is the most popular payment process with every participating Belgian bank. Your success will also be expedited by the market share of around 90%. Your customers log in using a code and are connected directly to their own bank account. The sale can take place in a familiar environment using TAN.

  • No default risk.
  • Immediate dispatch.
  • New target groups.

eKonto has been recognised as the best online payment process in the Czech Republic three times in a row. Payment takes place through your customer’s eKonto account. Moreover, nine currencies are currently supported, offering great flexibility for international payment traffic. eKonto is secure and fast for retailers.

  • No default risk.
  • Immediate dispatch.
  • New target groups.

From February 2014 the new cross-border direct debit process SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) will be available, in which a total of 32 countries will participate (the EU and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Norway). Your customer’s own bank account is sufficient and your online shop will be open to numerous new business prospects.

  • Fast and efficient.
  • Secure upfront payment.
  • Maximum accessibility.


All relevant payment options for your online shop can be quickly and easily integrated in the shop system in just a few clicks. Checkout Portal allows you to trade securely and monitor sales and expenses at all times.



Checkout Portal can be adapted to meet requirements at all times. Select the perfect solution from scalable payment systems for any shop size or industry, local and worldwide, as well as in all currencies.



Appeal to your customers with intuitive, secure payment options and added value to encourage purchases and customer loyalty.