Use our Shop Extensions to create the perfect payment mix


Would you like to easily and individually integrate the payment methods into your online shop that your customers desire or require? Our payment plug-ins are the ideal solution for all popular shop systems and can be integrated with only a few clicks.

Find a suitable solution for all widely-used shop systems

Whether you want to offer conventional payment methods such as credit cards or alternative payment methods such as PayPal: with a single configuration, you can integrate all relevant payment methods into your online shop – tailor-made for all popular shop systems, from Magento to Shopware and WooCommerce. Our Shop Extensions are available as open-source software and are continuously updated and improved by our experts. 

Magento 2.0
Salesforce commerce cloud

Do you have a personal shop system which you would like to use?

After the fast and simple integration of our Payment Page, you can seamlessly offer all desired modes of payment in your own shop too.

Installation of the payment plug-in is easy and intuitive

1. Download the customised extension for your shop system.

2. Install the payment plug-in in your shop and test it extensively – at no cost or obligation.

3. Customise the checkout solution to your individual requirements.

The most important advantages of the Shop Extensions at a glance

There are many good reasons for integrating the Wirecard payment extensions into your online shop’s payment interface.

Perfect payment mix

Offer your customers reliable, intuitive and secure payment methods. Our all-in-one payment plug-in allows you to easily integrate up to 20 different internationally accepted payment methods into your online shop.

Easy installation

Our free payment plug-ins can be installed in all popular shop systems with only a few clicks and configured according to your individual requirements. To test the payment solution, simply use the plug-ins in demo mode.

Higher conversion rate

The payment methods you offer have a big impact on the conversion rate during the checkout process. The payment solutions of our extensions help you prevent purchase cancellations and lost revenues.

For marketplaces

Thanks to the industry-specific payment processing modules with risk management, marketplaces can offer their customers easy and secure online payments in no time. Influencers and resellers can use the Checkout Portal as a customisable co-branded solution.

The benefits

EU compliant: The Wirecard payment platform is completely SEPA compliant.

Easy registration in real time: The Checkout Portal can be used immediately after registration. No waiting period is required.

Efficient and reliable process handling: Wirecard, one of the leading experts for electronic payment processing, provides the technology and know-how.

Contact us for an offer tailored to your particular needs.

For partners

What does the Checkout Portal offer?

The Checkout Portal by Wirecard is a tool for retailers that allows them to offer numerous payment methods in their shop, quickly, affordably and with no red tape.

Our partner programme for you

Within the scope of its partner programme, Wirecard is offering cooperation opportunities for all Wirecard products – including the Checkout Portal. The partner programme means: competitive price options for your customers and attractive commission models for you as partner. Customised support by partner managers, (technical) sales consulting, joint partnership establishment and expansion, as well as joint business planning and market strategies optimise the service portfolio of the Wirecard partner programme.

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