Shop systems

Checkout Portal supports the world’s best-known e-commerce shop systems with customised plug-ins and modules. Here you can select the installation instructions, as well as information about your shop system. Integrating the Checkout Portal also allows marketplaces and partners to make a flexible payment page available to their retailers throughout Europe.

More Information

For developers

CosmoShop is an established shop software that has been on the market since 1997 and is characterised by high modularity and extensive customisability. The industry solutions B2B advertising material portal or the fully integrated Web2Print system underline its focus and provide significant benefits for operators.
Every fourth e-commerce shop worldwide is already based on the shop system by Magento. It is available either as a free Community Edition or as an extended premium Enterprise Edition. Our integrated Magento interface enables payment by all commonly used European payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Online Bank Transfer. (Klarna), mobile payment and others, using a single payment module
modified eCommerce is a free open source shop system (GPL licence) especially for the German market. The shop’s own Wiki is supported by a large developer and user community.
OpenCart is an affordable open source alternative for small and medium-sized web shops and offers numerous features and over 1000 shop themes. There is also an add-on for the German market. Our plug-in makes it possible to easily integrate payment methods.
With over 15 years of experience, osCommerce is considered to be one of the best-established open source solutions. The system offers over 7,000 e-commerce add-ons and can easily be configured via a web-based installation.
The open source solutions by Oxid eSales are geared towards the German e-commerce market. Oxid offers scalable systems for small to large multichannel shops. It is available as Community Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition.
Our Checkout Page can quickly and easily be integrated in shop systems of all sizes. Try it for yourself!
The French company PrestaShop has been on the market since 2007 and offers shop solutions that can be modified in many different ways. It is available as an open source version or as a cloud shop system with a transaction fee.
Shopgate offers innovative, mobile shopping solutions. The seamless integration of over 60 widely-used shop systems allows online retailers to also sell their products via mobile devices – through shopping apps or mobile-optimised online shops.
The successful platform Shopify allows retailers to plan, set up and operate their own small business and marketplace – either mobile, over the web, stationary or via social media and marketplaces. Special features of the cloud-based multichannel platform include an effective back office and a full overview of the retailer’s business. Shopify uses enterprise-level technologies and was developed for companies of various sizes. The platform impresses with reliability and reach, and is currently used by over 200,000 companies in approximately 150 countries.
Shopware 3, 4 and 5 is a widely-used solution in the German e-commerce market and is available in four versions: Community, Professional, Enterprise Basic and Enterprise Premium. The shop system already includes our checkout seamless interface. Other plug-ins are also available.
Ubercart is an open source e-commerce solution that is integrated in the Drupal content management system. The software is ideal for retailers who want to build a community for their product or offer premium access to premium content.
VirtueMart 2 is a free open source solution especially for the CMS system “Joomla!”, based on PHP. The shop system can be operated either in shopping card mode or in catalogue mode. Payment plug-ins for VirtueMart are easy to integrate.
We provide you with a demo mode that allows you to test the integration of our Checkout Page in your WooCommerce shop.

For marketplaces

Thanks to the industry-specific payment processing modules with risk management, marketplaces can offer their customers easy and secure online payments in no time. Influencers and resellers can use the Checkout Portal as a customisable co-branded solution.

The benefits

EU compliant: The Wirecard payment platform is completely SEPA compliant.

Easy registration in real time: The Checkout Portal can be used immediately after registration. No waiting period is required.

Efficient and reliable process handling: Wirecard, one of the leading experts for electronic payment processing, provides the technology and know-how.

Contact us for an offer tailored to your particular needs.

For partners

What does the Checkout Portal offer?

The Checkout Portal by Wirecard is a tool for retailers that allows them to offer numerous payment methods in their shop, quickly, affordably and with no red tape.

Our partner programme for you

Within the scope of its partner programme, Wirecard is offering cooperation opportunities for all Wirecard products – including the Checkout Portal. The partner programme means: competitive price options for your customers and attractive commission models for you as partner. Customised support by partner managers, (technical) sales consulting, joint partnership establishment and expansion, as well as joint business planning and market strategies optimise the service portfolio of the Wirecard partner programme.

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